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We will provide several different options of  tours / adventures,  Anything from Hikes in several locations, City Tours, Lake Adventures, Frisbee Golf Adventures, and much more.

I can pick up anywhere in the Black Hills (seat 4 people);  Or we can meet at starting spot or close by to meet up to follow. I'll give you directions!!

See each adventure for a standard pricing.

Creek Adventures

 1. Very simple but fun and beautiful hike up along a creek by Piedmont. The views are great and the hike isn't terribly hard. If we do the full trail it ends up to be about 6 miles. 

2. Very simple hike with a few creek crossing on some narrow bridges by Sheridan lake. We might fish or swim, there are a few things to do on this one.


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Hippie Hole

This is an Iconic local spot. Not to many people know and if you do then your one of few. This hike is more challenging because of the steep up and down climb. Not recommended for kids under 10 and anyone with health issues.

It offers a waterfall and swimming hole if you can climb. Bring a hammack to relax! Lunch at the bottom


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City Tour

Rapid City Tour, we will explore downtown, see some of the hidden gems. Want a hole in the wall bar, evening entertainment, or just want some local knowledge. 

Lived here my whole life and know most good places around each town. If you want a tour of another place I can probably design something.

Half Day $150 / Full $300

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Drive in the Hills

We will drive all over the Black Hills and tour the sites. Take in the awesome scenery and stop in some good spots.

Will see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park.





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Black Elk Peak

Ready for a long hike that has the highest view in South Dakota? This hike is not for the faint hearted. All day adventure! Which is about 7 miles for direct route and 10 miles for loop. Lunch at the top!


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Lake Adventures

There are lots of lakes and ponds around the Black Hills to explore. We can spend all day on one or hop around. 

On these possibly pointing out wild life with a few stops with some poles. (must have fishing license unless under 18)

(Kayaks and paddle boards will be available later date)


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Frisbee Golf

There are several courses around the Black hills we can choose from. I have tons of experience and a decent background on coaching. I can try help correct your form.

18 hole round ($40 each +gas if we go multiple course)

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Custom Adventure

Don't see what you like? That's ok!! My main idea for this is to interview you. See what you like for activities and what your interest are and go from there. There are a ton of places in the Black Hills so I can't list them all.


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Lake Angy Get-Away

Coming Soon**

Full Camper set-up next to Lake Angustora in Sheps Canyon.

Perfect Get-away for the couple or Family. Has 2 beds, Shower and toilet, with a deck. A small yard to pitch a tent or hammock. 

You will get all the comforts of home but be close to the water.

Kayaks and Paddle Boards will be available.

It will also be stocked with food and snacks. 


Additional add-ons

Not offered quite yet**

Full Camping Set-up (tent, cooler, chairs, firewood, with a few amenities. Can have it set-up for you or if you want to teach your kids we can do that too.

Another Service I plan to offer is Kayaks and Paddle Boards with life jackets. (for the lake day adventures or want to go out on your own)

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